MichiganSEOPro was founded on the principles of integrity, loyalty, hard work, and dedication. We are an Internet marketing agency that is 100% dedicated to the overall success of not only our business, but more importantly, the businesses of the clients we work with. When we work with clients our number one goal is the overall success and growth of each individual client’s business and we will not stop until we’ve help them achieve that goal. We go out of our way to guarantee, hands down, the best customer service of any search engine optimization company in the country. One aspect of our business that truly sets us apart from our competition is our research and development. We take testing into our own hands so that we have the ability to provide the most up to date practices and procedures that deliver guaranteed results. These practices allow us to continuously succeed while others fail. We are founded on complete transparency between ourselves and our customers and will openly provide any information that is requested.

The owner and founder of MichiganSEOPro, Dillion Sidelinker, stumbled upon search engine optimization by complete accident after being Honorably Discharged from the United States Army. At first he was skeptical about SEO but after rigorous testing and countless successes he found himself completely engulfed in search engine optimization. To say Dillion is an SEO expert is almost an insult to the true talents he possesses. Dillion is truly one of the most talented search engine optimization experts in the country and he has proven time and time again that the methods he applies allow him to beat his competitor’s day in and day out. He can help your company leverage free traffic and dramatically improve your income, and he possesses skills that can turn your website into a revenue producing machine.

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