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Let’s Learn About Google’s Pet Penguin!

Penguin is a Google algorithm that was first announced on April 24th of 2012. The Penguin algorithm aimed to decrease the rankings of the sites that’s when against Google’s Webmaster guidelines. These guidelines were violated by using black hat SEO tactics which allowed for of rankings to be artificially increased by manipulating the number of links that are pointing to any given website or page. These tactics are commonly referred to as link farms or linking schemes. Google has roughly estimated that around 3.1% of all search queries and English were affected by Penguin and about 3% of all queries in German, Arabic, and Chinese were also affected. This number increased dramatically in languages that are referred to as “highly spammed” languages. On May 25th, 2012 Google released an updated version of Penguin which was called Penguin 1.1 which was supposed to affect less than 1/10 of 1% of all English search queries. This update was made in an effort to effectively target websites that manipulated or were using manipulative techniques to achieve higher rankings in the serps.

Pre-Penguin sites would most commonly used negative link building techniques in order to achieve high rankings thus generating large amounts of traffic. Once Penguin rolled out it meant that content was key, and any websites that had little content or spammed content would be penalized and websites that had quality content would be recognized and moved up in the search engine results pages. The main goal or purpose of Penguin was to catch spammers. Overall the main goal of Penguin was to help Google only share high quality websites at the top of their search results pages.

And Now For The Good Stuff….

Two days after Penguin was released Google prepared a feedback form which was separated into two categories which included gathering information from users who wanted to report web spam on sites that were still ranking highly in the search engines and those users who think that their site was unfairly hit by the algorithm. Google has also made a reconsideration form that can be submitted if you believe your site has been unfairly docked. This form can be submitted through Google’s Webmaster Tools now known as Search Console. It has also been said by Google that Penguin penalties can be removed by simply building good and quality of links. This can be done by manually removing the links using the Googles Disavow Tool and then submitting a form for reconsideration. It has been said by Google’s employee John Mueller that by building good links you can help sway the algorithm because the algorithm looks at the percentage of good links versus bad links so by simply adding good links you can tip the algorithm in your favor.

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